Dark Carnival RZ Threat Management

The focus of Red Zone Threat Management Systems (RZTMS) is to provide Real training to help Real people to survive Real violence.

We pressure test everything we teach under the harshest conditions possible in order to make sure we are giving our clients their absolute best options for personal protection.

  • High percentage techniques and tactics.
  • Techniques and tactics accessible to people with all levels of training.
  • Especially to those with no training at all.

Our clients come to us because they have specific needs and concerns. Our clients return because they get workable results quickly. Our coaches are physically skilled, but more importantly they are friendly, patient, professional with a healthy, realistic approach. Whether you are looking for 1-on-1 training or looking to get training for your school, work or team we are ready to help you with one or all of the following programs;

  • Red Zone Prime – empty hand combatives.
  • Red Zone Knife Defence – edged weapons defence.
  • Red Zone Adaptive Striking – develop a strong base of striking skills that work across platforms.
  • Red Zone Ground Fighting Overview – what happens in a grounded scenario.

These hands-on workshops and seminars are specialist training for emergency services, security, law enforcement agencies or any workplace that operates in high risk/high threat environments.

With 4 distinct programs – Red Zone Prime, Red Zone Knife, Adaptive Striking and the Ground Fighting Overview – there is a complete coverage for real world scenarios.

Dark Carnival also has Train-the-Trainer programs that can allow certified in-house training of the programs.

I have had the pleasure of training State and Federal Police here in Australia and several international teams around the world.

Contact us to arrange your workshop or private training session, in-house or at Dark Carnival.


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