Saturday, 17 December 2022

Once again it is that time of year for us all to to come together…and shoot each other, fully send it on the jumping castle and engage in friendly competition.

This year we will be embedding ourselves in the paintball course (Paintball Sports ACT) or otherwise known as the paintball place near the airport, followed by music and shenanigans back at the gym.

Both paintball and shenanigans will be child friendly however make sure you pickup a waver from the front desk when you RSVP to the event.

It has been an awesome year and we would love to celebrate with all of our loved students and clients.
You must RSVP your spot though, see reception!
Friends and Family are welcome to attend.

Remember….must RSVP.
RSVP no later than 2pm Monday 28th November.
If you are unable to make it into the gym to RSVP, shoot a message through on the page 🙂

For those missing the festivus reference please see below –