Intro to Self Preservation

Thursday, 25 February 2021
The emphasis of Dark Carnival Self Preservation (DCSP) is to constantly assess the situation and back out where possible.

Your welfare, your well being, your life.

DCSP is based on the Red Zone Threat Management System and focuses on becoming confident dealing with physical altercations whether they be standing, in the clinch/hold or on the ground. DCSP will give you the stress inoculation of these violent situations to keep a clear head and minimise risk and damage.

This introduction course will set the context that defines the difference between sport and survival. Touching on empty hand engagements, knife and ground situations to set the scene for our specialized courses which will be held during the year.

Thursday 25th Feb – Thursday 1st April (Thursday, Weekly at 7pm – 8pm)

Non DC Members – $110
DC Members – $55

* Note that a minimum of 6 people will be required for the course to proceed.

Coming in 2021

  • Empty Hand Combative – Learn methods to defend yourself in hand-2-hand scenarios.
    (29th April – 8 Weeks)
  • Knife Defence – How to handle yourself in edged weapons defence.
    (22nd July – 8 Weeks)
  • Ground Fighting – What happens and what to do in a grounded scenario.
    (14th Oct – 8 Weeks)
* Registrations will open 2 weeks prior to course start.

Contact Dan or Mitch to lock in your spot.

Dan: Phone – 0468822352    Mitch: Phone – 0422000145
Email – [email protected]
or drop into the gym for a chat.