Red Zone Ground Fighting Overview

Saturday, 15 June 2019

While mixed martial arts events have made it clear that having an understanding of the grappling game is key to having a complete picture of the fight, it is also of paramount importance to understand how to adapt your game for the realities of the street.

Things like the terrain, multiple opponents, big size discrepancies, and the introduction of weapons all necessitate key distinctions between the priorities for sport and self defence.

For RZ GFO we will be looking specifically on surviving and reversing an asymetrical grounded engagement where the opponent is standing and how to get back on our feet and back into the fight.
We will also look at how the introduction of weapons affects this dynamic and drill strategies to address this.

No grappling experience is necessary. People of all skill levels are welcome and will benefit from this material.

Dark Carnival – 69 Dundas Court, Phillip ACT.

15th June 0900 to 1030.

How Much?
(50% discount for military, emergency services and health personnel)

Contact Mitch on 0422000145 or grab your tickets on Eventbrite