Red Zone Knife Defence workshop

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Edged weapon crime and assaults are occurring more frequently.

Great to say “It wouldn’t happen to me” however the person who thinks that is often found saying “I never thought that would happen to me”, that is, if they are lucky enough to survive the encounter.

This workshop will give you the tools and knowledge to respond and navigate the pre-contact of a knife attack as well as options to engage and control the weapon bearing limb, taking it to the ground where the knife can be removed from the situation.

Pressure tested and proved around the globe, Red Zone Knife Defence is a hands on training method trained intelligently under pressure.
Get some knowledge and experience, before you wish you had.

Dark Carnival – 69 Dundas Court, Phillip ACT
Saturday 1st June 0900-1030

How Much?
(50% discount for Military, emergency services and health personnel)

Contact Mitch on 0422000145 or pre-purchase your ticket on Eventbrite.