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Our specialist children’s program, DCKIDS turns focus, discipline, self-control, fitness and coordination into age-specific exercises, games, activities and drills. The DCKIDS classes cover children from ages 4 – 15 and runs in tandem with the school academic term. In addition, we offer a modified version for holiday programs, which we provide onsite at participating schools, working in partnership with the after-school care providers.

The DCKIDS program is designed to teach important life skills in a fun and exciting way – disguised as games and protecting the body, each drill and game develops life skills. The customary discipline in martial arts includes standing at attention, responding with respect, bowing to the instructors and each other and maintaining a positive attitude. Our program reinforces important concepts such as good manners, respect for one’s self and others, being aware of the environment/situation around you, and following directions the first time.

Importantly, it has an anti-bullying approach which ensures that each child knows how to observe their environment, how to use their voice and how to de-escalate a situation if necessary. For example, children will be shown what to do if someone surprises or grabs them, how to safely get up from the ground if they have been forced there, how to take someone else to the ground to protect themselves, and so on. These skills are a solid foundation on which to continue to build self-awareness and confidence in any situation.

  • Term 1 Monday 30 January – Thursday 6th April 2023 *Registration closed*
  • Term 2 Monday 24th April – Thursday 29th June 2023 *Registration closed*
  • Term 3 Monday 17th July – Thursday 21st September 2023
  • Term 4 Monday 9th October – Thursday 14th December 2023

Ages 4 & 5 – Monday and Wednesday 4pm to 4:30pm

Ages 6 to 8 – Tuesday and Thursday 4pm to 4:30pm

Ages 9 to 15 – Tuesday and Thursday 4:45pm to 5:30pm

Contact us to enrol your child in the upcoming terms. Registration closes week 3 of each term with restricted class sizes per age group to ensure learning outcomes and coach to student ratios.

If you rather your child train directly with our coaches, Click here to book in your complimentary one-on-one session.

Unable to make it into the gym? check out our Online Academy where you can access all of our knowledge at home or on the go. This includes instructional videos for parents to become the coach at home!

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